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23 September 2021

KOIS’ Serena Guarnaschelli on blended finance in impact investing

Head of Content
Impact Investment
Serena Guarnaschelli, a partner at KOIS, speaks with Uxolo about the firm’s work in impact investment – particularly on migration, refugees integration, and climate change – and takes us through the evolution of the space over the years.

Serena introduces KOIS and the multiple verticles of the company – impact investment, managing impact funds and bonds, and providing advice to investors and governments (00:40), the challenges of working with development finance in its early days, and how the space has evolved over the years to integrate blended finance models (03:38), market opportunities in sustainable land use (06:30), defining climate finance and the requirement to broaden the understanding of climate finance to nature-based assets (09:00), KOIS’ work on the intersection of migration, refugee rehabilitation and climate change (11:45), the UN Sustainable Development Goals providing a roadmap for complex investments (15:10), the responsibility of playing an intermediary role in impact investment (17:30), and breaking down a product to illustrate the features of the instruments, tenor, risk and potential failures (19:30).

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